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Online Learning

Happy Habits--- an opportunity to look at your level of contentment and learn skills that will enhance your living. Working with the support of a coaching cohort can be a fantastic affordable way to work your personal development goals. 

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Personal Sessions

One on one client/coach relationship will help you to reflect on your personal goals and develop the skills and mindset of achieving your best self. Individual time in reflection and direction sessions will add accountability and support to your journey. 

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Positive Partnerships

Positive Partnerships-

 Wedding officiant

I am ordained with a non denominational church, I hold credentials to officiate your personalized ceremony.  If you are saying 'I Do' for the first time or renewing your vows, I will meet you in your perfect spot to help you make your partnership start out positive. 

Cindy White

Certified Integrative Health and Wellness Coach

         Engage         Enlighten           Encourage   

"Between Stimulus and response .....there is a space......In that space is our power to choose our response."

"In our response lies our growth and our freedom!"


      I am super excited to have the opportunity to respond differently then I had been. I am able to redefine "What I want to be when I grow up!" I have been pushed by my circumstances to find the courage and use my experience (personal and professional) to pursue my peace! I am a certified Integrative Wellness  and Life Coach. My focus is on using my love of teaching to help others learn a skill set and mindset that will improve their quality of life. 

     Previously I was a public school teacher. I hold a Masters' Degree, a Reading education Endorsement, and have logged many more hours as a student. I spent many years in the classroom and my goal was ALWAYS to improve the quality of life for everyone I touched through my teaching. I am blessed to have worked with students of all ages, Kindergarten through adults! 

    I am drawn to the optimistic side of living, however, my life has not always been a smooth ride. I was divorced after 15 years of marriage. I decided to make a career change after 24 years. These difficulties are the things that have contributed to the beautiful life I am now pursuing! The most important lesson I hold onto everyday is to be grateful!  I believe that my life experiences and education make me a great support for others seeking personal development. I am grateful for this opportunity to serve others with my support.

     I can help you to reflect on your personal story and decide where you want to take your next chapter. Helping you by empowering you to become the author of your own life's story.  The main character, YOU, living with a peaceful mind, heart and soul.