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One thing that is stopping you from being happy!!


I know we have all felt this way! I understand some days are just like that.

But I can guarantee that thinking is keeping you miserable!

If you stop and do this one thing, you will change your entire outlook. If you stop and do this one thing enough times you will affect you whole life!!

So what is it that is stealing your joy?  ****drum roll****

Whining! Yep, that’s it!

When you stay focused on what is wrong, your brain gets busy trying to fix those things and misses the things that are going right.

So what is the ONE THING that you can do to change your mood? The day? Your life?  FACT CHECK!!!

The ever popular words during our campaign season… when your brain gets rolling along at the podium of your life and spewing out the negative thoughts like a bad politician. I want you to ‘fact check’ your thoughts before you start whining. Fact checking looks like this...


2.QUESTION ~is it true? Will it matter in, 5 minutes, a day, a year?

3. REFRAME~ think about whatever it is that is bothering you differently. What could possibly be good about it? Get really good at seeing what is right about it. 

You might ask, “But how do I do that when I am surrounded by idiots?”

This is the coolest part! You get to choose what you focus on! The idiots are not going anywhere! So do yourself a favor!

Here’s a common example everyone can relate to, you’re driving along down the road and someone pulls out in front of you and goes exactly the speed limit.


It doesn’t have to be. All you have to do is question if that person just did you a favor and saved you from a speeding ticket, or missing a potential accident up ahead. You may never know the answers {unless the State Patrol happens to be up the road}. In spite of getting no proof that the slow poke did you a favor, your mind will let go of the stress and in turn your body will relax. You won’t have lost anything, except perhaps a few minutes longer on the road. But you will have gain time on earth! Stressed out people get sick and die sooner.

Did you know that negative thoughts cause a chain reaction that signals your body to release hormones that make your muscles tense up? It is a natural response designed to keep us alive in the face of danger.

These ‘protective’ hormones are evoked by our words and the feelings that come with a focus on what is wrong! So guess what?!  You are really not in danger just because people are annoying!

Start focusing on what is RIGHT!

Start talking about the good things happening! What is or has gone right lately?!



If you REALLY want more good stuff to appear in life,  start saying ‘thank you’. Thank you just because life could ALWAYS be worse. Perspective is everything! Someone probably has a far harder, sadder and more depressing story than yours.

Gratitude is the KEY to a happy life!

Saying thank you to someone or  to an empty room….just say it! The more you look for good the MORE you will see! The more you appreciate the good, the happier you will be!


You can get some help developing this positive habit if you click here for your FREE Happy Habits 30 day Journal!

Peace out!

About the Author; Cindy White      https://www.positiveimpact50.com/   is a Personal Development Specialist  eager to to help you live your highest quality life!  Positive Impact is a site dedicated to helping you think about your thoughts and how they affect your life. Find inspiriing photos and quotes on Facebook https://www.facebook.com/poistiveimpact50/