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It's a wonderful life if you look at it right.....

      It's that time of year when all the holiday specials are playing. I decided to watch "It's a Wonderful Life" last night. This is not one I watch every year, and hadn't seen it in years from beginning to end. I watched with my fresh adult eyes. I noticed so many of the messages that I am trying to share here on my Positive Impact page, gratitude, perspective, love and faith. 

      I really enjoyed the movie very differently this time! As I watched I thought such things as "Wow, Mary is very tolerant of George's negativity"  "Why does she want to marry that negative grouchy man?"  "Is George really doing the right thing if he resents his life?" "Wow, people have been blaming teachers for random problems for years!"  "I would love to see what the world would be like if I had never been born." and " He is happy and nothing is different but his perception." "Faith, he leans on prayer when times are tough.....typical human behavior!"  Let me expand on these thoughts a bit. 

     As you all know George is completely elated to be home and have his family and home at the end of the movie. The LESSON comes from him hitting rock bottom after his uncle is careless with money.  George is the kinda guy who always looks out for everyone's best interest. He puts his desires on hold and does the right thing. He becomes bitter and resentful. He is short tempered with his fabulous, hardworking wife. He treats those closest to him the worst. He snaps at his daughter for playing piano, he yells at his kid for wanting help with school work.He yells at the teacher because his daughter is sick. He is only enlightened after being given some perspective on his VALUE in his community. 

     He proves to me that old saying that "Happiness is not having what you want, it is wanting what you have." I posted that photo on my f.b. page before I watched the movie. I think it is a strong reminder that simply shifting your  perspective to what is RIGHT. Not looking at all the negative stuff happening all the time. The story sends a strong message, that when you stay short sighted and look at the problems that life becomes overwhelming. Everyone's life looks so much better than yours. The message of 'you are important just the way you are.' is one we all can tune into ! If we spend a minute each day thinking of our positive impact on others we sure do feel much better! If we learn that doing the right thing with a happy heart will bring back to us the same love and reward we give others, our lives become meaningful and we focus on our 'purpose'.  Not everyone needs to be rich, famous and beautiful to impact the world. As a matter of fact we need more people willing to simply be KIND to the next guy, just because!