--- ACCORDION --->


After spending the week with family and friends I really am aware of the value of GRATITUDE I have for being free to make choices! 

 I choose who I spend time with. I choose how I spend my time. I got  to choose what I made for Thanksgiving dinner( it was shrimp not traditional turkey, and I am choosing to make that MY new traditional Thanksgiving dish.) I choose how I dress.  I choose how I spend my money. EVERY moment of every day I have a choice or choices. My all time favorite choice is my choice of an attitude of gratitude.

The choice of how I react to life, I choose to see life as positive as I can. This does not mean that I think fairy dust and wishes will make life alright. It means that I choose to ACT in a positive manner. 

ACT- "the process of doing; anything done, being done or to be done, performance"  this is the definition of acting. I also am learning to not be 'reactive' so much; doing something AFTER something else has happened. This leaves me feeling as if I do not have control over a situation. I try to be 'proactive'  in my life choices and set my life on a path that makes things more positive and therefore I am able to react with gratitude. Because I express my gratitude I see more good things come my way!  Are you seeing the happy cycle that comes into play here? I believe this is a universal law!!!  The Universe knows your energy, if we think about what we DON'T want we tend to attract exactly that. To quote my daughter The Universe is the BEST listener." She understands that when we stay focused on what is right,good and happy in our lives, we think about what we DO want, therefore we manifest the positive. 

I am not talking about being complacent and accepting what is. Actually quite the opposite, I am talking about the ability that we ALL possess, looking at life's events as lessons and choosing what to 'do'; how to act. If you have good stuff going on in your life, pay attention to what you are doing to generate that goodness. Say 'THANK YOU" (to other humans and your spiritual base). When you have negative things going on in your world then look for the lesson. I know that life is an amazing teacher, we can grow and become stronger and better from the negative. If we look for what good comes of the bad, we start to see the reason for it. When you see the reason,you can accept it and move on. It is true that you must have darkness to appreciate the light. 

My point here today is to to help you, begin to appreciate the light. When you have negative things or people around, PAUSE before you act, you have a choice of how you REACT to that negativity. In the pause, think of what your choice will do for YOUR quality of life and then choose accordingly.  Most importantly.in everything, even the ugly parts of life, remain grateful!!