--- ACCORDION --->

Why do we only mark one day?

Happy Thanksgiving !  I intentionally practice daily gratitude. Today, I am grateful for a National Holiday that makes others be mindful of what it is they can be thankful for. When asked to name something you are thankful for it is usually easy. When you are grateful each day for what is good then you begin to focus on the good. 

The pilgrims celebrated in spite of the fact that half of them from the ship died the previous winter. They FOUND what was right, they had survived the year because their new friends helped them to help themselves!  They had a HUGE 3 day party around it!!  If you think about it, nothing in their lives would have been easy. They spent a year watching illness and starvation take their loved ones. They had to learn to build homes, hunt, plant, harvest and then cook their food.  Instead of weeping they made a choice to celebrate! From that gratitude celebration they continue to thrive and grow their families and towns into our United States of America.  

The thinking of those that decided on this first party of gratitude was one that I have come to embrace!! Expressing gratitude seems to bring more good stuff my way, think about it.....

When you give someone something (gift, sharing or simply helping out) are you more likely to continue to give if they express genuine gratitude? When someone shows you how glad they are for your time, support or gifts, you are probably going to continue to give them what they need and want. Our universal energy works the same way! When we show gratitude for all that is good in our days, we are more likely to have more goodness show up! 

So, happy Thanks-giving DAY. Begin to be mindful that giving thanks in each day leads to a much happier outlook on life!