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Evolution of you

a guided small group to find a content and peaceful mind and spirit

    6 week course that equips you with a toolbox of skills to make life BEAUTIFUL!!

Course description

Let’s face it, you work hard on doing life right! Sometimes it feels like chaos and other times it feels like controlled chaos!  Believe me, I can relate! 

  HOWEVER, what I understand, after some big deal life lessons, is that even in life’s chaotic course we can still have peace!


GOALS for you as a member;

·         Move out of living in fear and into a confident, content mindset
·         Develop skills that help you ‘know thyself’ and trust your decision making process
·          Identify your guiding values
          Live as closely aligned to those values as possible (trust yourself)
*        Keep your peace when no one and nothing feels peaceful
Evolution of YOU
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                                   Meeting on Tuesdays for 1 hour @ 10 am OR 6 pm

 Cost; $120 – meetings ~includes a free Happy Habits Journal      

            $150 – meetings ~  Includes a free Happy Habits Journal and 1 hour of one to one coaching     

  $180-   meetings ~ free bound Happy Habits Journal and 2 hours of one to one coaching

                  email to enroll; / Pick one of the time spots that will work best for you.